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What is Account Receivable Management?

Accounts Receivable Management, Inc. opened for business in 1998. Our company has a well defined purpose, which is to provide quality collections and billing recovery for the medical, retail industries. Since that time, Accounts Receivable Management, Inc. has experience a steady growth rate that assures a commanding presence in the medical recovery industry for years too come. The presence of Accounts Receivable Management, Inc. sullies the industry a “team” based company with over ninety years experience “together”. A team that is second to none in experiences within the state of Florida, in all phrases of medical recovery, a team that is well known in this region.

We have found that there are several categories of business that have been completely ignored, whose only resource is to write off or sit on their receivables.

Accounts Receivable Management as a “team” have over Ninety Years experience “together”

At Accounts Receivable Management, Inc. the main focus is the personal attention of all client practices. Since ultimately the client is the one who decides whether A.R.M. will prosper, client services are always the top priority.

The customer base of our clients is of the utmost importance to our clients, and to us.


Account Receivable Management Philosophy

The philosophy behind our collection program is that "time is money” and we make time work for you, by combining efficiency, professionalism, expertise, and persistence - with a commitment to client service and debtor relations. Our dedication to this philosophy has allowed us the potential for long-term quality partnerships with our clients. One of the backbones of our company is our training process.

Account Receivable Florida

Service Provisions

Service Provisions include the following:

  • Ease of placement
  • Quick debtor contact
  • Skip tracing
  • Litigation
  • Payment reporting
  • Timely remittance to clients
We Provide top Recovery Percentages while maintaining first flight public relations
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