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We are the leading receivables management company in Florida.


Accounts Receivable Management, Inc and Resource Management Solutions, Inc will develop and market services and products to manage all avenues of accounts receivables recovery. We will employ state of the art equipment, strategies, and exceptional personnel to facilitate recovery.

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are a true recovery vehicle that is “second to none” in performance.

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It is very difficult to ascertain what it is like to work with a collection agency on a day-to-day basis, through a proposal format. There are many questions that can only be answered through experience. Through a mutually sharing relationship with, we will answer those questions. The level of cooperation we will provide to you, and the quality delivered throughout every level of our organization, simply cannot be appreciated through a written document, but only through the experience with your facility’s management and staff.


Accounts Receivable Management, Inc, and its sister organization Resource Management Solutions, Inc should be considered as one entity under the Accounts Receivable Management, Inc umbrella as both companies are owned are operated by the same owners and management. Accounts Receivable Management, Inc. is the collections operation, while Resource Management Solutions, Inc. handles billing and outsourcing.


Our goal is to develop a long-term quality partnership between our organizations by clearly identifying your needs and requirements, and meeting or exceeding them, every day. The quality of our efforts will result in a cooperative atmosphere of confidence and trust, resulting in increased recoveries and superlative debtor relations.


We blended our collection experience has been combined with continual industry research, in-depth studies of communication techniques, debtor psychology, and the continued growth of our collection support functions. These characteristics, when linked with effective collector training, proper account caseloads per collector, and successful, well-conceived incentive programs, enable Accounts Receivable Management, Inc. and Resource Management Solutions, Inc. to grow while continually improving recovery percentages for you.


Accounts Receivable Management, Inc., concentrates on refining and improving what we do best – collecting cash. Therefore, the wide array of professional services, versatility, and the interrelationships of our companies together under the Accounts Receivable Management, Inc. banner, provides a powerful, comprehensive, range of receivables management services by an experienced and knowledgeable management team.


We have created one of the most progressive collection organizations in Florida, dedicated to quality and excellence. We promise to represent your facility with consistent professionalism and progressiveness, which will help us to obtain optimal recovery rates in a complaint-free environment, combined with a level of cooperation, ethics and professionalism that is unmatched in the collection industry.


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