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Early Out

The driving force behind the development of the “Customized Early Out" services is quite simply, our client's goals:

  Improve Effectiveness
    Reduce Overhead and Allocate Resources
more Effectively
      Increase Cash Flow

early out collector agency

In this capacity, we can function as an on-going off-site adjunct to your internal billing operation, or we can act as a "bull pen," providing relief whenever needed by your departments. What is the key to achieving our clients' goals?

  • Access to Technology. Provide our clients access to specialized computer systems and software not usually available in-house, we can provide economies of scale in addition, resource efficiencies more effectively.
  • Experienced - Knowledgeable Staff. Our staff is trained to understand the objectives of our clients. As an extension of your business office, we are keenly aware of the importance of client /debtor relations.

Our approach at the "Early-Out" stage is to supplement your internal billing and collection process

Our approach at the "Early-Out" stage is to supplement your internal billing/telephone procedures. In Resource Management Solutions we do not act as a collection agency, but rather as an agent for your company, using your letterhead for notices/statements if needed. In addition, we can provide telephone campaigns calling as an extension of your business accounts office. Custom telephone scripts and letters (developed for each individual client) are used when contacting the accounts.

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