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Ease of Placement

Account Receivable Management can accommodate many methods placement, including any form of electronic transmissions, magnetic tape media or manual hard copy.

Quick Placement

Accounts (electronic) are entered on to the computer and the first notice sent within 24 hours. Manual placements require 48 hours.


Quick Debtor Contact

The first telephone contact is attempted within five working days after the first notice is sent.


Skip Tracing

Account Receivable Management will use all available resources, including but not limited to various credit bureau’s, near-bys, On-line skip tracing etc.

Service Provisions Florida


Litigation is done on an individual account basis and only with prior written approval. A.R.M. will also file claims for probate and bankruptcy cases if balance permits.


Full review of each account prior to closing as un-collectable

Un-collectable accounts are normally returned within six months after place (unless reported to the credit bureau).

Payment Reporting

Account Receivable Management accepts payments on the client’s behalf. However, some debtors will make payments directly to the client. We ask that you report those payments to us to ensure that accounts balances are always up-to-date. This process can be handled electronically, or manually.


Timely Remittance to Clients

Accounts Receivable Management Inc. books are closed on the last day of the month. Our end of the month processing occurs on the first workday of each month. Our clients should always receive a “Remittance Trust statement” no later than the 10th day of the new month in either a gross or net basis. Shorter reporting periods are also available if necessary.


All accounts are sent through
Bankco for either
Bankruptcy or continual monitoring
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