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Account Receivable Management

To obtain the greatest possible recovery, choose a recovery firm carefully. This is important since the firm will be handling your money in a fiduciary capacity and should be fully responsible in this respect. We offer the following and more:

  • Billing & Collections Programs suited to your needs
  • Full Service from Early Outs to Litigation
  • Open Lines of Communications
  • State of the Art Technology
  • Contingency Fee Based “No Recovery, No Charge”
  • Ease of Placement
  • Rapid Response
  • Licensed and Insured
Our extensive experience and specialization that we offer to our clients makes us your best option as Collectors

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Account Receivable Management
Resource Management Solutions

have the commitment

to fulfill all Collection requirements of our clients

In Account Receivable Management we have in place methods that will comply with current HIPAA standards

Account Receivable benefits Florida

Resource Management Solutions

To obtain the greatest recovery for your all avenues of your active receivables inventory, choose a firm carefully. The company should be important and knowledgeable in handling your receivables in a fiduciary capacity and should be fully responsible in this respect.

Resource Management Solutions, Inc. provides the following programs to enhance your bottom line.

  • Budget/Time Payment Monitoring
  • Early Out Program
  • Managed Care Rebilling
  • Physician billing specialist
  • Worker's compensation specialist
  • Commercial insurance specialist
  • Medical coding specialist
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