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What is ARM and RMS?

Accounts Receivable Management (ARM)


Accounts Receivable Management, Inc. (ARM) opened for business in 1998. Our company has a well-defined purpose, which is to provide quality collections and billing recovery for the medical, retail, and commercial industries. Since that time ARM, has experienced a steady growth rate that assures a commanding presence in the collection recovery industry.

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Resource Management Solutions


Resource Management Solutions, Inc. (RMS) was founded in response to the need within the industry for a front line professional company entirely focused on providing outsourcing services to clients. Today, “Outsourcing” is an industry experiencing dynamic growth and RMS is experiencing a major part of that growth.

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Resource Management Solutions - ARM

Our Company

Resource Management Solutions

Who are we?

We are a Professional Collection Agency dedicated to quality and excellence. It is very difficult to ascertain what it is like to work with a full services receivables company on a day-to-day basis, through a proposal format. There are many questions that can only be answered through experience.

Our vision

We are the leading receivables management company in Florida. Accounts Receivable Management, Inc and Resource Management Solutions, Inc have developed and marketed services and products to manage all avenues of receivables and recoveries. We employ state of the art equipment, strategies, and exceptional personnel to facilitate recovery.

Accounts Receivable Management

Have in place methods that comply with all HIPAA standards.

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