Collecting debt on delinquent accounts can be difficult

… Especially if your debtors move without providing a forwarding address. The longer your accounts remain delinquent, the less likely you are to recover the debt. In situations like these, hiring a debt collector to recover funds on your behalf may be your best option.

Third Party Liability

We have the strategies to manage third party liability claims.

Workers Compensation

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Small Balance Accounts

Medicare Deductibles

We maintain an extraordinarily high success rate on debt collection without the associated high costs of litigation.

Budget Accounts & Monthly Monitoring

A simple budget can help you manage your money, make smart decisions and plan for the future. In addition to keeping a monthly monitoring.

When a recovery specialist is selected, the primary interest is in having money collected. However, recoveries must be made in a way that will not reflect unfavorably on you our client. We consider the importance of patient relations to be critical in maintaining long-term client partnership.

RMS designs pre-collection programs to meet your needs in this area. Our system is time-activated, yet fully controlled by your office. Attempts to contact patients / guarantors can be made by both mail and telephone.

Collection agencies services in Florida, not to be confused with debt buyers

...Are most commonly paid a percentage of any outstanding funds they recover on your accounts, but they don't own the debt. When they collect a payment, they hand the money over to you, minus a certain percentage in fees.

A standard collection agency will offer services, such as formal demand letters, phone calls and emails; however, top debt collection agencies provide additional services, like skip tracing, litigation and online portal access.

When comparing collection agencies in FL, it is important to analyze more than just the services offered. An agency's reputation for how it treats your debtors is equally important, since they are representing your business.

There are strict laws surrounding collection efforts. Any reputable agency will follow those laws and treat your debtors with dignity and respect.

When looking to hire a collection agency for your small business, consider the collection type (commercial collections, consumer, and something like that), industries and locations they serve. Not every agency will be a good fit for your business.

Below you can learn more about the agencies we selected, the features of each one, whether it services commercial collections (B2B), consumer collections (B2C), or a combination of the two.

Resource Management Solutions

Have in place methods that comply with all HIPAA standards.

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